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iPhone 5 specifications and features | blog

iPhone 5 specifications and features

The iPhone 5 specifications have been leaked through sources very close to Apple, read here for the latest only on Sky Blue Ocean.

The first official specification is the screen resolution, just when you thought that resolution was already sharp enough, Apple have done it again with their fantastic efforts. With retina resolution being picture perfect as it already is they is going to be a much higher clarity screen using the latest in state of the art technology.

Screen size - An increase in the screen size is inevitable since other major manufacturers use bigger screens, so Apple have tagged along also, however the much anticipated curved glass form factor display is not on the cards as Apple persuaded Samsung to use the technology in the recent court settlement.

Quad Core CPU - Multi core processing will now be available due the increased power and demand in games and applications, especially the new Angry Birds Space game.

4G/LTE Capability - This was already confirmed a while back due to Samsung entering the 4G market, with super speeds of up to 100mb looks tempting.

Fire Proof - If you accidently drop your phone in the fire (huh?) or simply try to set it on fire, you may have difficulty as Apple has a patent app and manufactured a flame retardant material for its new devices.

Wireless Charging - Look mum no wires! Yes that is right, you will be able to charge you new iPhone WITHOUT any cables or wires, how cool is that.

NFC Payment - NFC or Near Field Communication technology is under development and testing, Apple are not sure to include this or not or simply include it in the iPhone 5S model when it comes out (maybe in a few months perhaps), technologies like this will optimize Apples market share in the mobile phone industry.


Are you getting ready to hand over your hard earned cash for this new gadget ? or you just gonna wait for the iPhone 5S ... or maybe the iPhone 6 when that comes out at probably Christmas :)

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