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HTML 5 Tutorials for beginners | blog

HTML 5 Tutorials for beginners

HTML 5 Tutorials for beginners is the ultimate guide for the newbie who wishes to explore this funtastic new language that has been creeping up on web developers and designers. HTML 5 is looking to replace Macromedia Flash, however Flash DOES have its good points such as creating games that are heavy in complexity, however who knows what HTML 5 will bring us this year and next year and the years to come.

Also, learning our fun tutorial will help you learn all the tags and its purpose so you can build quality elements on your website, all things related to multimedia is provide in the tutorial as beginners should learn one step at a time.

Another good feature is that it works with all major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and IE6 would you believe!

Example codes are provided for you so please follow and enjoy this new technology, please leave a comment and visit us frequently for more tutorials and tips for the latest in web design and development.



This document illustrates how to write HTML 5 documents, focussing on simplicity and practical applications for beginners while also providing in depth information for more advanced web developers.



The WHATWG Blog is the blog of The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group, which are the people responsible for the HTML 5 spec.

Dive Into HTML 5

web design books

Dive Into HTML 5 is a book that seeks to elaborate on a hand-picked Selection of features from the HTML5 specification and other fine Standards.

HTML5 Doctor


HTML5 Doctor publishes articles relating to HTML5, its semantics, and how to use it right now. They also invite questions via Ask the Doctor, and post answers in future articles so that everyone can benefit.

When can I use…


This is a one-pager that acts as a cheat sheet of compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies.

HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet


This cheat sheet is essentially a simple visual grid that contains a list of all HTML tags and of their related attributes supported by HTML 5.

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