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Google Giant Zipper Doodle Gideon Sunback | blog

Google Giant Zipper Doodle Gideon Sunback.

Google giant zipper is creating a buzz today with its elegant sliding zipper design, Google is honouring the gifted engineer Gideon Sunback from Sweden a place on Google doodle pages. The zipper will let you literally unzip the Google page straight down the middle and open up the search results, how cool eh :) respect to Google on this for their appreciation of true and remarkable engineers.

Gideon Sunback was born on the 24th April 1880 in the small Swedish town of Smaland, Gideon shifted to Germany after his studying and then in 1905 he went to the USA.

While he was working as an engineer for the Universal Fastener Company in Hoboken in New Jersey he masterminded the idea of creating a fastener with interlocking teeth, Gideon's 'Hookless Number 2' invention was what we know as a zipper with each of the zips tooth having a small dimple which made the zipper robust for today's use.



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