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Google Drive 5GB FREE online cloud storage | blog

Google Drive 5GB FREE online cloud storage

Google Drive is a new feature being launched by Google. With this being their own cloud service it would be very interesting to see peoples reaction to this, Google will no doubt eat up the competition with its 5gb online storage for its loyal users .

Google Drive will be launched next hopefuly end of April and beginning of March so this should be interesting to so how the other online storage companies react, we all know that Google is the best when it comes to innovations so why not this one?

A seminar of a Google employee which is also the Google Enterprise directorin Brazil (top secret name) took place at Feevale University in Novo Hamburgo, the 'Drive' option was spotted in the Google toolbar of his so obviously he will be more rights than the rest of the Google population.

Since the 'documents' link is not removed from the toolbar it looks like that will be replaced by the 'Drive' link, as it makes sense so we will see in the coming weeks.

The Google Drive OS X app has already made an entrance on the Mac App Store so it looks like it is well on it's way ... 5GB of free storage space anyone ? I know we do :)



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