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Angry Birds Space Review

Well if you did not already know about the Angry Birds game, then you have been hiding in a nutshell. You may ALSO have been in a nutshell when Rovio who are the creators of the Angry Bird games announced that there will be a game called 'Angry Birds Space'. This is the second installment of the highly addictive game. When the game first came out in December 2009 on the iPhone it was a HUGE hit and other platforms shortly followed, merchandising also became a hit and has generated millions for the developers of the game.

The company Rovio long kept secret work on a new installment of Mad bird, until a few weeks ago she started a great promotional campaign with National Geographic and NASA, although its purpose seemed to be showing the least, as far as effort. We had to wait a good few trailers, and finally saw the scanty fragments of the actual gameplay. Today, a few minutes ago, the game finally hit the mobile platform, and we offer you this opportunity, the first in our website, review live.

Review of Live is a specific form of communication. Article will be updated as far as we progress through the game, giving you a first look at the new look of the razor to make money from Rovio. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to start. Here we go!

Service PocketGamer reports that AB: S is directly discharged so-called in-app Purchases. So replacing real money on a virtual pledges. One example is the bird known as the Mighty Eagle, for which you have to pay to use virtual currency, which – naturally – you have been bought for cash. We still have not got to that place where Rovio prosiliby of our drobniaki, but it seems that this moment is closer than the next.

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